New features and enhancements

What are we preparing for version 6?

1 Minor changes on dispatch

Minor changes to improve the dispatcher work

2 Import customer orders

Import customer orders in bulk based on Excel template

  • Import customer orders
    Import customer orders

3 New search option

Search option for drivers, trucks, and trailers

4 System Logs

Add a System Logs for any action, visible to Admin users only

5 More Google Maps integration

  • Google Maps integration
    Google Maps integration

- calculate waybill distance on new, edit, and duplicate waybills
- calculate transit time from current location to pick up location
- display map & driving directions on new, edit & duplicate waybills
- set address by set map point on the map for route waypoints

6 Improve User Roles & Permissions

- added two new roles: clerk and accountant
- improved / added new permissions per each role: switch office, system logs, send emails, export data

7 Broker and Customer rates

- add Broker and Customer rates
- add zones for Broker rates
- add Customer Price Quote
- apply rates automatically on new, edit, and duplicate waybills: based on selected route and rates/zones

8 Business to Business EDI integration

Improve operational efficiency with fully-integrated EDI solutions with leading shipping companies.

- MSC Recurring Invoicing: automatically sending (once a week) of your invoices to MSC in CSV format
- Pantrace EDI Integration: Real time waybill statuses are sent to Pantrace (global track and trace environment to check the status of Panalpina consignments)

Five new features on the new version 5

1 Split Express Waybill in 2 versions

Express Waybill will have two versions: v5.2016C (for containers) and v5.2016TL (for truckload)

2 Redesigned Dispatch

Redesign the dispatcher screen from split screen to tabs, filter waybills, add quick note

  • Redesigned Dispatch Screen
    Redesigned Dispatcher Screen

3 New options for containers

Add Pre-pull, Drop and Yard options for containers, duplicate waybills in bulk

4 File attachments

  • Upload Files for Driver
    Upload Files for Driver

File management system for waybills, customers, drivers, trucks and trailers.

5 Version 2 of xDriver mobile app

New features and enhancements on v2 of xDriver mobile app for Android and iPhone: report daily mileage, driver confirmation of arrived/departed from location

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