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Express Waybill software offers a complete solution for ocean and rail drayage and container transport services.

Our intermodal solutions can help your business grow, solve daily operational challenges, and save money.

Express Waybill is now DrayMate TMS

We will transition to our new brand in the coming months. Rest assured, you can expect the same quality, improved tools, and continuity with our dedicated support team.

Real-time Intermodal Dispatch

Easily manage your pending and en route orders.

View available drivers, trucks & trailers.

Update driver and truck/trailer & take appointment for each order.

  • Dispatch Dashboard

    Real-time Dispatch Software

Add & Edit Movements

A movement is a part of the waybill route. E.g.: from customer to your yard or from your yard to customer.

Add & edit movements reasons. Edit driver/truck/trailer per each movement.

  • Send Driver Notification

    Send Notifications to Drivers

  • Available Drivers

    Yard Management

Search Waybills

  • Waybills Search

    More than 18 Search Criteria

Search waybills by more than 14 search criteria including driver name, delivery date, P.O. number & container number.

Create & Save PDF Invoices

Validate Extra Accessorial Charges and Create invoices for your customers from your completed orders.
Automatically send invoices by email based on customer settings and customer contacts.
Keep track of your customer payments.
Search your invoices by 8 search criteria including P.O. number, order number, customer name, and invoice dates.
Resend PDF invoices by email in 2 clicks.
Export invoices to Sage50 and Quick Books Online.

  • Customers

    Customers Management

  • Drivers

    Drivers Management

Software Settings

Address book for your customers, frequent route waypoints and users. Drivers, trucks, and trailers management.
Executive Summaries & Reports.

Container Track & Trace

Get all available information in real-time from CN and Port of Montreal

According to our container market survey, 75% of container transport companies have problems with inaccurate data entry and costly track and trace mistakes. Express Waybill verifies the container number each time you enter or import an order. Also, it keeps track of all dates: inspection due date, maintenance due date, insurance date, and so on.

Express Waybill container track and trace system with CN and the Port of Montreal (Cast, Racine and Termont) allows you to get information in real-time: ETA, discharge date, customs status, last day of free storage or check if the container is available for pick up.
All in a single query, one place and for multiple containers.

Discover more... watch what you can do in 30 seconds!

Do you have more than one office?

Express Waybill Trucking Software works for multi-office companies.

Do you need to show it to your partners?

Here is a short Presentation of Express Waybill you may share with them.

Do you need technical support?
Are you worried about your data?

Express Waybill works for you:

  • Our team is based in Canada
  • 10 to 20 hours of personnel in-house training (or phone/screen share)
  • Free and continuous feature upgrades
  • Twice-a-day backup of ALL your data (files & database)

Intermodal Dispatch Features

What do you think you should improve on?

The web-based intermodal management system offers many ways to reduce costs, increase productivity, and strengthen your customer relationships. Many features are built right into the app to provide you with what you need to succeed. Solve your daily operational problems such as: dispatching, communication between drivers and dispatchers, find information faster when you need it. Using Express Waybill will reduce the amount of time your staff spends on researching, copying, faxing and filing documents. Save money by working paperless and your employees will work more effectively.

Dispatch software

Real-time Trucking Dispatch - easily dispatch orders by appointment and their status. Prepulls, Yard and Drops management. View drivers en route & trailers location.

Intermodal Orders

Advanced order search engine keeps orders history and allows you to search by 15 criteria such as container #, P.O. #, driver name, customer, and so on. Document manager allows you to attach documents to any order.

Invoicing software

Validate all Extra Charges (overweight, waiting time, chassis detention, storage, etc.) and Auto Create invoices from your delivered waybills, keep track of your customer payments. Print and Send PDF invoices by email.

Address book

Keep unlimited customer contacts on hand, safe and organized. Customer contact details and your frequent routes. Document manager allows you to upload any PDF or image file.

Drivers & fleet

Driver license expiration & truck and trailer inspection date notifications. Store relevant documents for drivers and equipment.


Bookkeeping, Profit & Loss, Container movements, Driver movements per day and Account activity reports. Custom reports available.

Multi-office software

Dispatch works independently for multiple offices. Switch between offices (admin only).

Web-based & Mobile Apps

100% Web-based application.
It can be securely accessed from anywhere!
Free iPhone & Android app for drivers.

Free upgrades

Free upgrades and dedicated support.

Get your free demo today!

When you move containers you need specific intermodal information that you will not find in any general trucking TMS.

Value-added software integration

We continually adding more and more features to help
your day runs smoothly and more efficiently.

xDriver mobile apps

Free mobile apps
for your drivers

Display order details on driver's phone. E.T.A. and maps. Get the client signature (P.O.D.) from driver phone to dispatcher screen (PDF) in matter of seconds. Android and iOS apps available.

Google Maps

Accurate & safety routes
for your trucks

Plan your routes faster based on fuel consumption, distance, transit time, traffic and more. No separate commercial Google Maps license required. No extra cost.

Business to Business EDI integration

Improve operational efficiency with fully-integrated
EDI solutions with leading shipping companies, rails and accounting software.

Canadian National Railway

Canadian National

Container tracking: Get Real-time location and Estimated Time of Arrival directly from CN without logging in their website.

Cast, Racine, Termont

Port of Montreal

Container tracking: Get Real-time Container Availability, Discharged and ETA dates directly on your Express Waybill account.

Mediterranean Shipping Company

MSC Recurring Invoicing

Improve your invoicing with MSC by automatically sending (once a week) of your invoices in CSV format. Get paid faster!

Panalpina World Transport

Pantrace EDI Integration

Real-time global track and trace environment to check the status of Panalpina consignments by container number, cargo status, etc.

Sage 50 Accounting

Sage 50 Accounting

Save your employee work time by easily
import invoices to Sage 50 within the auto-generated .imp file

Quick Books Online Accounting

Quick Books Online

Save your employee work time by easily
import invoices to Quick Books Online within the auto-generated .csv file

Professional Services

We can do even more and adapt the Dispatch to your existing intermodal trucking software.

Custom Integration
If you need to connect Express Waybill to your accounting software (Sage50 or QuickBooks Online) or any trucking or intermodal management system, we can do it.
EDI Connectivity
We can solve your dispatch operation problems and connect to any EDI partner you have. All you need is a dedicated server version of Express Waybill intermodal trucking dispatch.
Custom Features Coding
Every business is unique. Every client needs are unique. Express Waybill Dispatch is flexible enough to accommodate your business rules.

Customer Support

Do you need immediate help with an urgent issue? We've got you covered.

We are near you at every step. From entering your data and training your personnel to after sale free dedicated support.

  • Free support email ticket system
  • Free on-site personnel training - for Greater Montreal (Canada) area only
  • Free video remote support: video chat and online screen sharing
  • Dedicated Support includes all the above & 24/7 emergency call number

Note: We'll keep your email address and any submitted information confidential, and we'll not sell nor give it to any other third person or company. We'll not be sending you spam emails nor be automatically signing you up for a mailing list. We'll not push you to buy anything.

You may call or email us anytime. We'll answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

Get in touch with our sales team today to learn more about our intermodal software solutions.
Just pick up the phone or start chatting right now, right here.

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