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Dispatch and send the order to your driver in 30 seconds. Yes, it's that simple!

Drop to the client and add pickup date in 30 seconds.
Automatic driver mobile app notification!
Yes, it's that simple!

Switch drivers and return the container in 30 seconds.
Automatic driver mobile app notification!
Yes, it's that simple!

Prepull the container to the yard in 30 seconds.
Automatic driver mobile app notifications!
Yes, it's that simple!

CN and Port of Montreal integration
Automatic updates:
ETA, Discharged date, Demurrage date,
Last day Free Storage and container availability. Yes, it's that simple!

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And don't forget, your trucking dispatch software is supposed to help your business, solve your problems and save you time and money.

Is this change beneficial for my trucking business? Yes! You will be more efficient and more organized on your dispatch and billing. Save time, move more loads, get paid faster and make more money.

Is this change necessary? Yes! Don't be left behind. You have to keep up with the new technology if you want to survive in the trucking business.

Will my employees be happy to make the change? To be honest, everybody fears the change because it's a daily routine breaker and brings new things to learn. But what if they will work easier and faster? Do you think they will hate it or love it?

We will do all the hard work in order to make your trucking company more profitable. It's a promise.

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