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that helps you operate more efficiently?

When you move containers you need specific intermodal information that you will not find in any trucking TMS.
However, if you will stop for a moment and think about efficiency you may find out where the bottlenecks are and how to fix them.

Common problems of intermodal trucking companies

The need for better communication

Problem: There is a multitude of phone calls, printing paper and email exchange for each shipment.

Solution: Having an intermodal management system where dispatchers, drivers, and customers can add, view or update the shipment information.

1. Dispatch screen contains all your data for the current day. This will help your dispatchers to work more efficiently.

2. Mobile app for drivers will make the communication within the dispatchers more fluid than texting and emailing. The full details for each order are sent to the driver (xDriver app) upon dispatcher screen.

3. Customer Portal module where your customer can see all its orders with their status (pending, pickup completed, delivery ongoing or delivered) and the driver GPS position will reduce the customer calls for information. This module is automatically updated, in real time, by drivers' mobile apps and the dispatch screen actions.

4. Track and trace software capabilities will allow you to know the container availability, the last day of free storage or the discharge date. All in a couple of clicks, inside your Intermodal TMS

The need for speed

Problem: There is a lot of time-consuming on order entry on Excel files, a lot of missing printed paper, mistakes and copy/paste for repetitive orders from the same customer.

Solution: The order entry system should be as quick as possible. That's why we have listened to our customers and create many features, such as:

1. Choose customer name will display its current address (enter it only once), same for pickup, delivery and return locations.

2. Duplicate orders, one by one or in bulk

3. Import customer orders from an Excel template

The need for better organization

Problem: Didn't find that order from 2 months ago? Well, you need to be more organized.

Solution: One intermodal management system that will keep all your data in one place.

1. Attach delivery proves and documents to each order simply by upload files

2. Remind yourself about due dates as inspections, plate expiration etc.

3. Manage your drivers, trucks, and trailers information in one software

4. Keep your customer contacts on hand, safe and organized: your customers contact details and your frequent routes

5. Search waybills by more than 14 search criteria

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