New features and enhancements

What's new in version

April 2020

1 MSC EDI: updated mandatory unique P.O. number

2 TERMONT: update API for better track and trace

3 DISPATCH: improvements on return and drop containers: track of chassis location

4 INVOICING: improvements on edit and save invoices, add Bill Of Lading to invoices

5 RATES: improvements on adding additional charges


- improvements on searching: edit and add fields in search results

- added a new waybills quick entry form

- improvements on edit and duplicate waybills

- bulk importing orders: allow import and export order types

- improve POD: cleanup signature and POD files if waybill is deleted or moved back to pending status


- new mobile app: allows drivers to update the chassis and containers number

So, what's next?

We are actively working on displaying GPS data (routes and trucks current position) on dispatch maps, finishing your Customer portal and improve the new version of the driver mobile app by adding a chat between dispatch and driver.

What's new in version v6.8.6.2019C?

August 2019

1 Changes on Dispatch

Adding new features and enhancements is our perpetual goal. Here are some of these new additions: automatically move Pending left orders on dispatch to the next day, you may choose dispatch columns to display, opening hours for waypoints, fast search by container, chassis is now pinned to driver for the day, select the truck will auto-select the driver and pinned chassis, an so on.

2 Orders Management Features & Reports

Auto Port Congestion charge based on your orders, Instant Yard Summary report, changed the Waybill PDF Print format, P.O.D. as PDF is now sent by email when the signature is taken, new fields are available: Earliest Return Date, Last Day Detention, Demurrage Date, Cargo Control #, Trip #, etc.

3 New enhanced import orders from Excel file

Import orders from Excel allow to create on the fly up to 50 orders at once: imports, exports, and full/empty transfers orders with a couple of clicks.

4 Track and Trace with CN, CAST, RACINE, TERMONT

More terminals will be added in the near future: HUNT, GT, etc.

  • Track and Trace
    Track and Trace

What's new in version v6.7.2018C?

October 2018

1 Changes on dispatch

Completely redesigned one-page dispatch with brand new features: full order info with one click modify option (no need to open the order anymore), trailer to follow the driver for the day, off-duty drivers, etc.

2 New reports and dashboards

Invoices rapports: invoice already imported report, invoices per month. Profit rapports: Profit per Customer / Broker, Revenue per Truck, Best Lane Profit. Executive Summary Dashboard: Cost vs. Revenue, Monthly Profit Rate, Top 10 Orders / Customers

  • Executive Summary
    Executive Summary

What's new in version 6?

1 Changes on dispatch

Adding new features to improve the dispatcher work: transit time is now calculated on waybill creation, adding Last free day of detention for containers, Prepulled containers show on Pending for the appointment day and much more.

2 Import customer orders

Import customer orders in bulk based on Excel template

  • Import customer orders
    Import customer orders

3 New search option

Add new Search option for drivers, trucks, and trailers

4 System Logs

Add a System Logs for any action, visible to Admin users only

5 More Google Maps integration

  • Google Maps integration
    Google Maps integration

- calculate waybill distance, transit time and distance on new, edit, and duplicate waybills
- calculate transit time from current location to pick up location
- display map & driving directions on new, edit & duplicate waybills
- set address by set map point on the map for route waypoints

6 Improve User Roles & Permissions

- added two new roles: clerk and accountant
- improved / added new permissions per each role: switch office, system logs, send emails, export data

7 Broker and Customer rates

- add Broker and Customer rates
- add zones for Broker rates
- add Customer Price Quote
- apply rates automatically on new, edit, and duplicate waybills: based on selected route and rates/zones

8 Business to Business EDI integration

Improve operational efficiency with fully-integrated EDI solutions with leading shipping companies.

- MSC Recurring Invoicing: automatically sending (once a week) of your invoices to MSC in CSV format
- Pantrace EDI Integration: Real time waybill statuses are sent to Pantrace (global track and trace environment to check the status of Panalpina consignments)

9 Extra charges validation and Auto create and send PDF invoices

Improve back office efficiency with fully-automated solutions for invoicing.

- Apply rates automatically: rates are applied automatically when the order is marked as delivered.
- Validate each order: add/edit extra charges such as genset, waiting time, prepull, or just add your own extra charges.
- Auto-create / Send PDF invoices: invoices are auto-created twice a day and you have the option to send them automatically to your clients' inbox.

10 Sage 50 integration

Improve accounting efficiency with fully-integrated solutions for Sage 50.

- Export invoices: manual or automatic export of all invoices created with Express Waybill.
- Import invoices: manual import invoices to Sage 50 using a .imp file.

Five new features on the new version 5

1 Split Express Waybill in 2 versions

Express Waybill will have two versions: v5.2016C (for containers) and v5.2016TL (for truckload)

2 Redesigned Dispatch

Redesign the dispatcher screen from split screen to tabs, filter waybills, add quick note

  • Redesigned Dispatch Screen
    Redesigned Dispatcher Screen

3 New options for containers

Add Pre-pull, Drop and Yard options for containers, duplicate waybills in bulk

4 File attachments

  • Upload Files for Driver
    Upload Files for Driver

File management system for waybills, customers, drivers, trucks and trailers.

5 Version 2 of xDriver mobile app

New features and enhancements on v2 of xDriver mobile app for Android and iPhone: report daily mileage, driver confirmation of arrived/departed from location

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