Automatic Billing you say? How it's working?

In 3 easy steps: add your own rates, validate the waybills, and get paid faster.

Yes, it's that simple to automate your complicated and time-consuming billing process. Do you want to know more? Well, continue reading...
That more and more paperwork that keeps you awake during the night can be simplified in 3 easy to follow steps.

And don't forget, your intermodal dispatch software is supposed to help your business, solve your problems and save you money.

Step 1. Add your rates

Add your own rates for each customer, for each city you deliver to for that customer. Add custom accessorial charges for each customer. You are all set. Once the waybill is marked as completed, the right charges are automatically applied.

  • Express Waybill Adding Rates
    Add your own rates

Step 2. Validate waybills

Validate each waybill before automatic billing software will send the invoices to your customer contacts. You may add or remove charges.

  • Express Waybill Adding Rates
    Validate waybills

Step 3. Get paid faster

Twice a day Express Waybill will create PDF invoices from your validated waybills. And there is more: PDF invoices will be automatically sent by email to the customer contact assigned to the receipt of accounting emails.

  • Express Waybill Get Paid
    Twice a day Express Waybill will create/send PDF invoices

Is this change beneficial for my trucking business? Yes! You will be more efficient and more organized on your billing. Save time, get paid faster and make more money.

Is this change necessary? Yes! Getting paid faster means boosting your cash flow.

Will my employees be happy to make the change? To be honest, everybody fears the change because it's a daily routine breaker and brings new things to learn. But what if they will work easier and faster? Do you think they will hate it or love it?

We will do all the hard work in order to make your trucking company more profitable. It's a promise.

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